December 15, 2012
Racialicious: Racialicious Crush Of The Week: Tamura Lomax



At the R’s main blog, The Feminist Wire’s Tamura Lomax and I chat about, among other things, the morphing stereotypes of Black women and the shifting ideas of what a PhD confers as far as expertise in this digital era.

In this second part of the interview, Tamura and I talk about the…

February 22, 2012
.@AndreaPlaid's .@Racialicious article "Very Smart Brothas’ Fauxpology, Too $hort’s “Advice,” And Muffling About Intraracial Sexual Violence"

.@AndreaPlaid in all of her Black feminist fierceness weighs in on Too$horts egregious video/comments in her most recent article for @Racialicious

October 12, 2011
"…Most white women have no relationship with the term nigger. It is not a term used on white bodies. Speaking historically (because words change and migrate over time) the term has ever been applied to white women, except in one clear way. Anna Holmes, in her post Jezebel life, has sent me reams of info on women in the civil rights movement. One of the women she fixated on what a young white woman who was murdered for her participation. The term they applied to her was not nigger. It was nigger lover. The idea that white women would willingly associate themselves with Black people was an offense where these women could not be allowed to live. Complicating this is the relationship that white women (and white people, more broadly) have instituting the term as a mark of difference. We could start with debates about suffrage, with some white women being aghast that black men were given the right to vote before white women, or we could go back even further to how white people used the term nigger to keep black people aware of their place in society. So, already, we are speaking about very different relationships with a term… ~ Latoya Peterson, excerpt from “It’s Not Just About The Word,” in RACIALICIOUS"


October 6, 2011

Woman is not the nigger of the world.

John Lennon is not the final authority on whether it’s ok to use the term nigger.

Quoting [B]lack men from the 60s is not a valid defense against critiques from [B]lack women, [B]lack feminists, and our allies today.

The term nigger is not “in the past.”

The term nigger has not, and has never been, a term that can be equally applied to everyone.

Arguing that [B]lack people don’t have a monopoly on the term nigger is just fucking disgusting. You want it that bad? Really?…” ~ Latoya Peterson, SlutWalk, Slurs, and Why Feminism Still Has Race Issues, RACIALICIOUS



October 5, 2011
"…But can you appropriate a term like n****r if your body is not defined/ terrorized/ policed/
brutalized/diminished by the word? Can we use it in a context that is supposed to belie gender solidarity, without explicitly being in racial solidarity? I think not. And I am not alone… ~ Latoya Peterson, “Which Women Are What Now? Slutwalk NYC and Failures in Solidarity,” RACIALICIOUS"


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