August 10, 2011
"…In 1963, when much of (The Help) movie takes place, Charlayne Hunter, the future journalist, was integrating the University of Georgia. Gwendolyn Brooks had won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry way back in 1950; Lorraine Hansberry had received wide acclaim for her 1959 play (and 1961 movie) “A Raisin in the Sun;” and Zora Neale Hurston had published seven books — mostly about black Southern life. Surely, an aspiring writer like Aibileen would have known of these examples (she could have read about any of these achievements in The Atlanta Daily World, The Chicago Defender or Jet magazine) and understood that being a black woman writer was not impossible. But the filmmakers keep Aibileen ignorant of these facts — and they bank on their audience’s ignorance as well…"

Valerie Boyd in her SPOT ON film review: “The Help,” a feel-good movie — for white people” 

Read the entire article here:

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