October 11, 2011
""21 years before I matriculated at Harvard, I was born a brown girlchild in Birmingham, Alabama. The fact that my mother and her siblings could reach across the jim crow veil into professions and geographies previously exclusive, was a testimony to and benefit of Fred Shuttlesworth’s courage. He risked his life, repeatedly, so that a collective black “we” might cross new thresholds. And the specific “we” of my family lives with that blessing. I feel the weight of that gift as a daughter of the city he waged battle in. Similarly, Derrick Bell pushed open and held open doors, sacrificing his own comfort and security. That act enabled me to enter into legal academia, and write at the intersection of law, race and the humanities. I now find myself looking in a mirror and seeing their faces on either side of my own, begging the question: what sacrifices are merited today?" ~ Imani Perry excerpt from "A Small Tribute to Derrick Bell and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth"~"


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