October 10, 2011


CONNECT~ Safe Families, Peaceful Communities and Columbia Law School’s Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies and their Center for Gender and Sexuality Law are hosting an Open Forum on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 at 6:30pm in the Jerome L. Green Hall, Rm 105, 435 W. 116th Street, New York, New York. 

Confirmed Panelists:

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw is a professor of law at UCLA and Columbia.  She has written in the areas of civil rights, black feminist legal theory, and race, racism and the law. Her work has appeared in the Harvard Law Review, the National Black Law Journal, the Stanford Law Review, and the Southern California Law Review. A founding coordinator of the Critical Race Theory workshop; coeditor of Critical Race Theory: Key Documents That Shaped the Movement. Professor Crenshaw lectured nationally and internationally on race matters, addressing audiences throughout Europe, Africa, and South America. Her work on race and gender was influential in the drafting of the equality clause in the South African Constitution. In 2001, she authored the background paper on Race and Gender Discrimination for the United Nations’ World Conference on Racism and helped facilitate the inclusion of gender in the WCAR Conference Declaration. In the domestic arena, she has served as a member of the National Science Foundation’s committee to research violence against women and has assisted the legal team representing Anita Hill.

Elizabeth (Beth) Ribet is the Research Director at the Center on Intersectionality and Social Policy in the School of Law at Columbia. She is simultaneously appointed as an adjunct professor and is team-teaching “Intersectionalities” with Kimberle Crenshaw, in the 2011-2012 academic year. She holds a PhD in Social Relations from the University of California-Irvine, and a JD from UCLA with a concentration in Critical Race Studies. Her doctoral dissertation was grounded in interviews with Jewish daughters of Holocaust survivors in the U.S. Her additional areas of teaching interest in Law include disability law, international law, prison law and policy, torts, labor law, and various areas of critical theory. Professor Ribet writes primarily about the production of new or “emergent” disabilities and illnesses, produced by intersecting dynamics of racial, gender, economic, sexual, ethno-religious, age, and citizenship based stratification and subordination.

Aishah Shahidah Simmons is the producer, writer, and director of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning film NO! The Rape Documentary, which unveils the reality of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African-American communities. Subtitled in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, NO! also examines how rape is used as a weapon of homophobia. Since its official release in 2006, NO! has been used and is currently being used as an educational organizing tool throughout North America, and in numerous countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, South America, and the Caribbean. Ms. Simmons essays, some of which have been translated into French, Spanish, and Italian, are featured in several anthologies and journals. She facilitates workshops and lectures extensively on the issues of gender-based violence, and the impact of the intersections race, gender, and sexual orientation on the lives of Black women at colleges/universities, high schools, rape crisis centers, battered women’s shelters, prisons, public libraries, non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, government agencies, and film festivals in North America and internationally.

Rev. Traci C. West is Professor of Ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theological School. She received her PhD from Union Theological Seminary. She is the author of Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women’s Lives Matter (Westminster John Knox Press, 2006), Wounds of the Spirit: Black Women, Violence, and Resistance Ethics (New York University Press, 1999), and the editor of Our Family Values: Same-sex Marriage and Religion (Praeger, 2006). She has also written several articles on violence against women, racism, clergy ethics, sexuality and other justice issues in church and society. She is an ordained elder in the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist church who previously served in campus and parish ministry in the Hartford Connecticut area. She is a member of United Methodists of Color for a Fully Inclusive Church. Professor West is also a featured interviewee in NO! The Rape Documentary, and Breaking Silences: The Supplemental Video to NO! both produced and directed by Aishah Shahidah Simmons.

DSK  and Justice FlyerTo RSVP for this free event contact Divine-Asia Planes at

dplanes “at” connectnyc “dot” org or (212) 683-0015 ext.215

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